Haus Walch

Haus Walch

The Lechweg hike

The ideal starting point for Star hikes, in particular for the Lechweg

Anyone wishing to enjoy their holiday in a relaxed and pleasurable way, and who values good cuisine, a comfortable atmosphere and friendly people, is recommended to take part in a Star hike starting from Haus Walch. If you are searching for relaxation and peace, wish to refuel your energy and familiarise yourself with the location where you are staying, then a Star hike is exactly right for you.

The central location and the associated infrastructure of Elbigenalp is a further reason to select Haus Walch as the starting point for walks along the Lech River and in the Lechtal: With the Lechtal Activ Card, you not only receive numerous discounts but can also use all bus connections in the valley basin free of charge. As a result, you can travel from Reutte into the Lechtal and also into the Tannheim valley and to Füssen. The hikers’ bus (Wanderbus) is free of charge with the Lechtal Aktiv Card! The closely-staggered schedule in the holiday region ensures that you reach your destination or the starting point of your hike within the shortest possible time.

In Elbigenalp itself, there is a generously-sized car park, and if you arrive with the bus with a booking confirmation for Haus Walch, you will benefit by being able to get to Elbigenalp from Reutte free of charge.

Star walk suggestion with Haus Walch as a starting point

In the following, we provide a suggestion for a Star hike with Haus Walch as a starting point during a five-day stay in our house. 

Day one: You arrive, explore the town, enjoy a tasty traditional meal in one of our inns and gather strength for the first stage along the Lechweg.

Day two: From Elbigenalp, you reach Lech with the guest bus and travel from there with the bus to Formarinsee (Formarin Lake), where the Lech River has its source.

Tip: Have some change ready; the road to Formarinsee is a toll road and there is also a charge for the bus.

Leisurely walk from Formarinsee to Lech (14 km in 4–5 hrs.) or Warth (24 km in 6–7 hrs.) and return to Elbigenalp with the hikers’ bus, where a cosy room awaits you in Haus Walch.

Day three: Today, you travel with the guest bus to Lech or Warth and continue your hike on the Lechweg. You need about four hours for this section and will cover approx. 11 km along an easy mountain path.

Day four: On your way from Steeg to Bach and Holzgau (the guest bus brings you to the starting point of your stage again today) you walk 5 to 6 km on an easy trail and reach the Jöchelspitzbahn located in Bach. Human hands have created impressive things on the banks of the Lech River, and therefore on this first day you will not only be able to marvel at the “last wild one” by yourself, but also at an impressive hanging bridge. This extends across 200.5 metres at a height of 110 metres, and bridges the Höhenbach gorge near Holzgau.

Day five: Today, your walk takes you from Bach to Vorderhornbach, or even to Stanzach. If you are ready for the next stage, you can look for a new location for your hike there. Or, if you have enjoyed yourself, then stay another couple of days in Haus Walch!